Nov 10 2023

I Want to Live

I Want to Live David and I were watching PBS NewsHour the evening of Nov. 1 and I happened to be out in the kitchen when David called: “You have to see this!” We save the news and he was replaying an interview that Judy Woodruff had just completed with Daniel Doctoroff. (See lead photo.)…
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Sep 20 2023

Redemption is Always Possible

Redemption is Always Possible I have been accused occasionally of being a “softie” – trusting folks, being naive and not street smart, seeing the best in others. (In my defense, I’d say that’s not too bad for a clergy person!) And I could go on: years being against the death penalty because of the endemic…
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Aug 3 2023

The Epidemic of Loneliness

The Epidemic of Loneliness Apparently, loneliness is now considered an “epidemic” – at least in the news and in scientific reports. So this state is on my mind – but let me make it very clear that I am not lonely. No, in fact just the opposite. My life is blessed with friends and family,…
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Jun 20 2023

We’re All In This Together

We’re All In This Together This past week I went to one of my favorite mountain destinations south of Charlottesville, Virginia: Wintergreen Resort on top of Afton Mountain. Filled with skiers in wintertime … but in the summer, you name it! Hiking, tennis, swimming, ziplining … and, of course, lots of restaurants to enjoy up…
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May 2 2023

Solving Problems by Walking … or, Here’s Another Idea

Solving Problems by Walking … or, Here’s Another Idea A few weeks back, another op-ed piece appeared in The New York Times that caught my eye. Andrew McCarthy wrote “Whatever the Problem, It’s Probably Solved by Walking” (March 26, 2023). I know, I know: I’ve blogged about walking before, but as I’ve said, David and…
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