Feb 27 2015

Your Own Life

Lent seems to call for a careful listening to your life over the next 40 days or so … to take stock of your life and the quality of your response to God’s Spirit working in it if you only listen. And I do point out that even if you live to be 80 or…
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Feb 11 2015

Out of Reach: And Love Won’t Fix It

I subscribe to The Christian Century, and was recently reading the February 4th issue. In it, there was an article titled, “What Love Can’t Fix.” The writer–Matt Gaventa–described his father’s descent into a spiral of clinical depression. A person who had been charismatic and loving one day was just gone. No joy, no life in…
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Jan 22 2015


I may have already mentioned – in some past blog posting – that I do my spiritual reading at the breakfast table each morning. I have a basket by my chair that is overflowing (literally) with back issues of the Christian Century, and books of poetry, autobiographies, and spiritual meditations. Currently, I’m making my way…
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Dec 31 2014

War and Peace

Here we are in the season of peace, when peace on earth — despite our hymns and prayers — seems more remote than ever. And yet, in the human heart we long for peace — for our nation and in our own lives. Is there hope?  Well, here we are in the stretch of days…
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Dec 14 2014

The Turns of Life

There is something about sickness that slows you down, the sleepless nights and the multiple days of recovery time that give you opportunity to think … while breathing in steam from the shower or sitting bundled before a fire staring into the fireplace … for better days ahead. I recently returned from two weeks in…
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