Dec 31 2014

War and Peace

Here we are in the season of peace, when peace on earth — despite our hymns and prayers — seems more remote than ever. And yet, in the human heart we long for peace — for our nation and in our own lives. Is there hope?  Well, here we are in the stretch of days…
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Dec 14 2014

The Turns of Life

There is something about sickness that slows you down, the sleepless nights and the multiple days of recovery time that give you opportunity to think … while breathing in steam from the shower or sitting bundled before a fire staring into the fireplace … for better days ahead. I recently returned from two weeks in…
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Nov 14 2014


Last week I took myself off on a silent, private retreat to a Roman Catholic conference center north of Richmond called Shalom House. I went there to rest in part because my spirit was unquiet in recent weeks and I needed to – as they say – get my head together. Among the books I…
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Oct 28 2014

City of God: Faith in the Streets

It used to be that churches would leave their doors open 24 hours a day for anyone to stop in and “make a visit.” But it’s not just inside church buildings that you can find God: in the holy city, God is the temple and dwells among his people. The Kingdom of God is among…
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Oct 15 2014

The Quiet Mind

Many of you know that I’m a lifetime member of the American Psychological Association – my original professional home as a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. And a few short years ago, I attended the annual meeting when it was held in D.C. (Can you imagine thousands of psychologists converging on one city? In addition to…
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