Sep 29 2014

Two Poems for our Times

I, along with a friend, have just returned from an eight-day cruise on the Viking Var, sailing up the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Basel. It was a lovely trip, through The Netherlands but mostly through Germany, exploring windmills, castles, and mediaeval cathedrals, sipping lovely Alsace wines along the way. So perhaps more about that…
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Sep 5 2014

The Power of Silence

I have always been attracted to silence — to listening for another voice that may speak, as one of my favorite poets puts it. For me, the voice that may speak is a Voice–God’s Spirit somehow urging, nudging, moving, calling my self to insight, to respond to such transcendent engagement that may break through in the…
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Aug 15 2014

Grace in Small Acts and Wherever You Are in Life

Last April I attended the Festival of Faith and Writing, a conference held every two years in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and hosted by Calvin College. It’s a Mecca for writers, publishers, and publicists/agents, and I went to hear several of the speakers as well as spend afternoons in my hotel room, working on my own…
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Aug 1 2014

The War Prayer

When I was an undergraduate at Indiana University (Bloomington), Religious Studies was my “outside minor.” And during my senior year in 1970 (in the midst of anti-war protests sparked by the misadventure in Viet Nam), one of the assigned readings in a religious studies class was Mark Twain’s “The War Prayer.” I thought about that…
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Jul 13 2014

All in the Family

These days much is written about the nature of family – what it means to be family in today’s world. But stories like Haruf’s and lives like Judy’s bring alive what is at root the basis of family life: love, friendship, the sharing of life’s hardships and joys, and commitment to stay the course with…
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