Jul 13 2014

All in the Family

These days much is written about the nature of family – what it means to be family in today’s world. But stories like Haruf’s and lives like Judy’s bring alive what is at root the basis of family life: love, friendship, the sharing of life’s hardships and joys, and commitment to stay the course with…
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Jul 2 2014

The “Unfairness” of Life

I have some dear friends, John and Isobel de Gruchy. John is a South African theologian and philosopher – a well-known scholar and writer of books. Isobel is a trained botanist and poet. Recently, Isobel sent me a poem she wrote in response to a passage of mine in my latest book, Flourishing Life. On pages…
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Jun 18 2014

Conversation: The Making of our Minds

I have a dear friend. She is as close to me as a sister. She lives in another state, and we see each other when we can. And we talk on the phone at least every other day. When something good or bad drops into my lap (so to speak), or some interesting event surprises…
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May 22 2014

Providential Reading: “The Making of a Mind”

If you have had a chance to read either of my two last books–especially the one published in 2008 (Imagination and the Journey of Faith)–viewed here on my Books Page–you’ll know that I think some books that fall into our hands are Providentially sent. That is, not all, but some books–fiction or otherwise–are occasions of…
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