Jan 9 2023

The Spirituality of Walking: An Awe-Full (or Awe-Filled!) Experience

The Spirituality of Walking An Awe-Full (or Awe-Filled!) Experience You who know my habits know that a daily walk or two is a really must-do activity. So David and I take at least one walk, usually around the neighborhood or nearby park, each day – two if we’re lucky. (See my lead photo and the…
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Nov 21 2022

The Joy of Wine: A Drink of the Gods

The Joy of Wine A Drink of the Gods – Almost as Old as Humankind Itself Some of you know that if I am really lucky, along about mid to late afternoon, I retire upstairs to pray, think, read, and relax at the end of a usually busy and sometimes crazy day. I refer to…
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Oct 12 2022

Knowing God Through Two Favorite Writers

  Knowing God through the Lens of Two of My Favorite Writers: Frederick Buechner and James Martin If you ever happened to wander inside St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in the Museum district of Richmond, Virginia, or into historic St. John’s Church on Church Hill downtown – either of them when I was preaching – probably…
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Sep 11 2022

Learning to Fall … Again and Again

  Learning to Fall … Again and Again David and I enjoy reading books together before bedtime. I read four or five pages out loud and then he reads four or five pages … usually until the next page break. Interestingly most, if not all, of our joint reading experience involves books that I have…
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Aug 9 2022

Making Meaning in Our Lives: Irrational Leaps into the Unknown

  Making Meaning in Our Lives: Irrational Leaps into the Unknown I don’t know about you, but looking back over my life – from late adolescence to just about now – I have made choices and decisions across my days and years, not based on rational considerations like a cost-benefit analysis, but based on deep…
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