Feb 14 2020

The Face of Love: Compassion and Mercy in the Face of Evil

The Face of Love: Compassion and Mercy in the Face of Evil Do you remember the film “Dead Man Walking,” starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn? I saw it some years ago when it first came out. Since David had never seen it, we watched it on TV a week or so back. Sean Penn…
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Jan 26 2020

Memories are Made of This: How Full is Your Circle?

How Full is Your Circle? I know, I know. I should be blogging about the current impeachment trial, but please … I just can’t bring myself to add more ink or voice to the pile of reports, as well as talking heads out there pronouncing their views morning, noon and night. I have my strong…
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Jan 5 2020

Family, Friends and Community

Comfort, holding hands, a prayer or two, a gentle touch – can ease the way forward and out to whatever comes after death. With hope and comfort provided in the process. Well the holidays are finally over! For David and me, the holidays included our wedding anniversary on Dec. 21 – observed over lunch at…
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Dec 9 2019

A Beautiful Day: Mr. Rogers and Beyond

Celebrating the life of Mr. Rogers – even 16 years after his death – his awesome goodness still gives hope to us all. A week or so ago David and I went to Cine Bistro here in Richmond and saw the film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” starring Tom Hanks – one of my…
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Nov 12 2019

The Pornography of Horror

Movies bleeding gore, death and the macabre. Internet sites that focus on terror and violence. What is happening in our culture that promotes such pornographic excursions into terror and violence? Well – Halloween. When ghosts and goblins stalk the land … or at least our neighborhoods. Usually I opt to be absent from the house…
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