Sep 23 2019

We Go on Hope:

Making vows before God … embracing one another and toasting to life – here and beyond. The kind of hope that lay beneath David’s and my vows to each other last December – words that we live by every day. Many of you know that last December I again took marriage vows to love ……
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Aug 23 2019

What’s in a Name?

What’s a name? A symbol of who and what we are. The good and the bad within each of us. And more. When I was born, my parents named me Sandra Lee. But when I was 17 and converting to Roman Catholicism, I chose Maria and dropped the Lee. (My dad even went along with…
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Aug 4 2019

Keep in Touch, Please

I’m a pretty affectionate person. Ask my sons; ask my husband; ask my friends. During my residency training – when I was preparing to become a newly minted clinical psychologist – I was warned by a clinical supervisor that not everyone likes to be touched. At the time I found that quite curious, but okay,…
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Jul 5 2019

Writing Your Own Obituary:

Are we better people underneath than we think we are? The answer may surprise you! I think it was Mark Twain who, after seeing or hearing about the report of his demise in some newspaper or other, famously said something to the effect: “The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated!” Funny, but apparently…
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Jun 11 2019

A Sad Trip Home: A Sacred Journey

We recently got back from a sad trip indeed … a trip back to my hometown … the kind of trip that most of us take eventually. A trip home to bury a loved one. We recently got back from a sad trip indeed … a trip back to my hometown … the kind of…
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