Mar 18 2021

The Bible: The Book that Reads Us

The Bible: The Book that Reads Us* The title of this little piece is a quote from someone … I don’t remember whom; some scripture scholar or other I ran across while in seminary. And since I write this while it is still Lent, I thought it might be worthwhile to think a little deeper…
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Feb 28 2021

Hope Against Despair: The Lessons of Wisdom

  Hope Against Despair:The Lessons of Wisdom Have you ever read the Old Testament book Ecclesiastes – also known as Qoheleth, the Hebrew title named after the book’s speaker? Warning: Don’t read it if you’re depressed. It will sink you for sure! One poem embedded in it was actually made famous by the folk singer…
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Jan 31 2021

COVID-19 and Hard Times: A Cry From the Heart

COVID-19 and Hard Times: A Cry From the Heart I was going to write about something topical – like the Federal death penalty! But It’s just hard not to write about our ongoing and seemingly endless confinement and fear of contamination that accompanies all moves outside the home. And now of course, the floating sense…
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Jan 5 2021

“It’s a Wonderful Life”: Shaping Each Other for Good, and Be Grateful

  It’s a Wonderful Life: Shaping Each Other for Good, and Be Grateful Home alone Christmas week, David and I again observed the annual ritual of watching both “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart and Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” So there we were, sitting in our chairs by the fire watching these two venerable…
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Dec 6 2020

Stress-Testing the System: Democracy and Our Human Lives

Stress-Testing the System:Democracy and Our Human Lives Well, it looks like the 2020 presidential election season is limping to a close. And so far, I guess we are the winners! On Nov. 25, Alexander Burns makes the following observation on page one of The New York Times: “As President Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020…
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