Aug 4 2019

Keep in Touch, Please

I’m a pretty affectionate person. Ask my sons; ask my husband; ask my friends. During my residency training – when I was preparing to become a newly minted clinical psychologist – I was warned by a clinical supervisor that not everyone likes to be touched. At the time I found that quite curious, but okay,…
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Jul 5 2019

Writing Your Own Obituary:

Are we better people underneath than we think we are? The answer may surprise you! I think it was Mark Twain who, after seeing or hearing about the report of his demise in some newspaper or other, famously said something to the effect: “The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated!” Funny, but apparently…
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Jun 11 2019

A Sad Trip Home: A Sacred Journey

We recently got back from a sad trip indeed … a trip back to my hometown … the kind of trip that most of us take eventually. A trip home to bury a loved one. We recently got back from a sad trip indeed … a trip back to my hometown … the kind of…
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May 12 2019

Composting Aunt Tilly?

My take on the new practice of composting human remains and spreading them around the garden as if they’re nothing more than leaves, dead chipmunks and tree branches. I told a friend recently that as a trained clinical psychologist and past practitioner of psychotherapy, and as an ordained clergy with pastoral experience hearing confessions and…
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Apr 20 2019

The Morning Miracle: Hallelujah!

Despite the surprise tribulations of our weekly lives, we still can raise our voices and our hearts together. I can still see that morning sun rise up over my mountain, knowing deep down in my heart that our lives are deeply blessed. Two weeks or so ago, I traveled over to Wintergreen Resort – that…
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