Flourishing Life

Flourishing Life is my third book, published by Cascade Books (an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers) in 2012. In it, I bring together the fields of evolutionary neuroscience, psychology, and theology to consider what we mean by a life well-lived. Taking a holistic view of our embodied, yet spiritual selves, I addressed the following questions as I wrote: Why do some flourish, even to the end of life, even in the face of waning physical power? If we can answer that question with any certainty, then it seems to me that the following question becomes crucial: Are there behaviors that can be changed, practices that can be carried out prior to old age, that enhance such flourishing – even in the face of trauma, loss, or sickness? These are the overriding concerns that have guided the writing of this work.

Here's the text from the back cover. (The entire cover is visible here.)

Drawing from the fields of evolutionary neuroscience, psychology, and theology, Sandra Levy-Achtemeier considers what it might mean for humans, as embodied and spiritual selves, to flourish now, and how such flourishing can contribute to our final flourishing in the time to come. She shows how such holistic flourishing and growth-filled transformation can occur even — and perhaps especially — in times of darkness and struggle. In this engaging work, she makes complex ideas accessible to all who hunger for deeper spiritual growth over the course of their lives. This book is not only highly readable, but it is also a practical guide to the flourishing life, providing resources for embodied practices — from prayer to dance to storytelling — which can enhance our human flourishing now. In short, she lays out a complete picture of human flourishing, from our evolutionary roots to kingdom living in the life to come.

My newest work has received four scholarly endorsements which you may read on the back cover or by clicking here.

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