Musings & Writings

The Cloak

In 2018 I became Priest Associate at St. Martin's Church in Richmond's West End. You can download .pdf copies of my latest writings in our Church bulletin, The Cloak, here. Simply click on each title to open. Thanks for visiting!

March 2024: What is Faith? One Writer's Answer

February 2024: Feeling at Home in the Parish: A Real Sense of Belonging at St. Martin’s

September 2023: Antidote to Loneliness: Embracing Your Church Community

June 2023: Mother's Day Travels and Deep South

November 2022: A Time and Place for Life’s Discernment

September 2022: Learning to Pray – with James Martin!

July 2022: Give Thanks for Jonathan Daniels’ Spirit

June 2022: Never again? The Drumbeat of War

May 2022: Julian of Norwich and a Monastic Note

February 2022: “No Cure for being Human” and Our Best Life Now